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6-Session Package, 'The Vine' (Branch Out and Grow!)

6-Session Package, 'The Vine' (Branch Out and Grow!)

The Vine; Branch Out and Grow!


Additional 6 Session Package: 390.00 ($65.00 a session)


Bonus* This package includes a complimentary journal! Enjoy this beautiful and useful tool to document nutrition, workouts, emotions...etc. as you begin your wellness journey! 



Hannah Brook Smith is a 2020 Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, certified in the Families program, the Pregnancy Program, and the Adults and Seniors program. Hannah is also a 2019 Landmark Forum Graduate, practiced in the art of communication, creating possibilities, and discovering clarity!


After 10 years of learning and personal practice to reclaim her own life and health after a near death experience with an e.Coli infection, Hannah can support you in your nutrition, sleep, exercise, zero-waste living, non-toxic living, and outdoor wellness! She can support all ages and genders with their wellness and lifestyle goals.


Does having more energy, mental focus, and a smaller waistline excite you? Do you want to create the perfect morning ritual or learn how to navigate your local grocer/market and tackle label reading like a boss?


For returning clients, invest in 6 more sessions at once and get $10.00 off each session with The Vine package! 


E-mail or call Hannah to find out more!



    $450.00 Regular Price
    $390.00Sale Price
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