Simple Solutions: 3 Containers and Lunch Box Set
  • Simple Solutions: 3 Containers and Lunch Box Set


    This set is for anyone who needs/wants/must have healthy meals and snacks on the go. At work, at the gym, or even if you're working from home and need to keep your meals organized!


    This set includes:


    1 Insualted, expandable, and durable Columbia lunch box with three non-toxic glass containers for food storage, two in lime green and one in teal blue! Refreshing colors to energize you as you prepare and enjoy healthy, delicious foods!


    If any of these apply, this meal/snack prep set is for you!


    Are you busy?

    Are you someone who likes efficiency and organization?

    Are you focused on weight loss, muscle gain, or just want sustained energy all day?

    Do you work away from home?

    Would having food prepared in advance help you make better dietary choices by day?

    Do you struggle with portion control?

    Do you lose focus and willpower when over-hungry?

    Do you enjoy having good looking and functional items to support your wellness?